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Ernesto Chahoud's Arabian Funk Mixtape


Currently working on a compilation of belly dance disco, Lebanese DJ, collector and Darkso record store owner Ernesto Chahoud is one of the founders of The Beirut Groove Collective and has released two experimental solo albums "Autonomous Sound" and "Broken Bridges," with French saxophonist Stephane Rives and local producer, Omar El Fil. "He’s one of the Arab world’s most sought-after vinyl-only DJs, his presence as a music tastemaker in Beirut is unparalleled," says Jackson Allers, the Beirut-based journalist and filmmaker. "Ernesto has perhaps the most extensive 45rpm soul collection in the Middle East."

Check out Sunday Lamb in Lebanon, the Kibbeh Nayeh story by Ernesto Chahoud here. Middle Eastern Heavens is the rare funk companion mixtape to that piece.