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The Doomed Opulence of Parisian Artists Le Calmar Noir

Le Calmar Noir (The Black Squid) were a group of rogue Parisian artists from the 1920s, obsessed with a black and white world, one led by a giant black squid that represented their dreamscapes and latent sexual desires, its prized black ink, the liquid of creation. On September 25, 1925, Diego Mangina, Thomas Le Turk, Olga Tiktokova, François Lardon, Eduard Lézard held a gargantuan black and white banquet, after which the artists went their separate ways, yet all mysteriously, catastrophically died that night. The room was scoured for poison and suicide notes by le gendarme but nothing was found except for scrappy documents detailing the meal, the artists and the layout of the feast.

Neal Fox, Stephanie Von Reiswitz, Chris Bianchi and Robert Greene of London’s art collective LE GUN uncover the secret menu of the damned


Giant Black Squid 
Duck Eggs
Candied Chicken Eggs
Boiled Goose Eggs
Roasted Black Swan
Black Cosmic Egg
Pickled Eyeballs
Laquered River Crab Peking style
Flambéed Baby Crocodile
Black Horned Beetle Skewers
Grasshopper Gateau
Fresh Grapes and Cherries
Assortment of Black Psychotropic Cheeses
Black Mackerel Stew
Pig Head Platter served with Broiled Lobster and Cream Cake
Hookah Pipe with Finest Interzone Tobacco
Large Sugar Skull
Black and White Saucissons (of donkey appendage, deer and blood)
Calmar Noir Finest Fermented Squid Ink

LE GUN's Neal Fox's painted sign for The French House Soho, London celebrating 100 years and two fingers up to the Soho redevelopment, kicking residents out like rats

LE GUN "Shakespeare and Company" 1. George Whitman 2. Kitty (resident cat) 3. Michael Smith 4. Ezra Pound 5. Gregory Corso 6. Olympia 7. Lawrence Ferlinghetti 8. James Joyce 9. Paul Auster 10. Frank Sinatra 11. Colette the Dog 12. Martin Amis 13. Henry Miller 14. Aaron Budnik 15. Richard Wright 16. Sylvia Whitman 17. Lawrence Durrell 18. Allen Ginsberg 19. Jack Kerouac 20. Ernest Hemingway 21. F. Scott Fitzgerald 22. Gertrude Stein 23. Alice B Toklas 24. James Baldwin 25. Sylvia Beach 26. Ray Bradbury 27. William Burroughs 28. Dionysus 29. James Jones 30. Zadie Smith 31. Generic spirit of Beatnikism 32. Anais Nin

The Cob Gallery's collaboration with LE GUN at infamous Parisian bookshop Shakespeare and Company, "Tales from the Void," 2015.