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Toni Cutrone's Underground Italia mixtape


Is the mix an inspiration for your Mai Mai Mai music project?

TC: This is a mixtape of Italian sounds past and present (and future). I mainly tried to make an hour of good music, using tracks I often listen to and strongly influenced my musical background. Some stuff I play on my record player and has never left me for years and some actual bands and musicians I consider as the descendants of an Italian music tradition, I feel basic.

How does the mix define Italian Occult Psychedelia?

TC: On one hand, there are known or lesser known names, active mostly in the 1970s with professional (but weird) musicians approaching different genres like avant garde, experimental, psychedelic vibes, electronic or soundtrack masters. On the other, some bands part of the so called Italian Occult Psychedelia scene. What's going on today in the dark side of the Italian underground.

Toni Cutrone records as Mai Mai Mai and runs NO=FI Recordings, responsible for some of our favourite weirdo sounds including Heroin In Tahiti's "Canicola" record. He is also the co-founder of Roma Est bar and venue DalVerme Via Luchino Dal Verme N8, Pigneto, Roma, where you can find very good craft beers upstairs and awesome punk shows downstairs.