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Part One of a short story trilogy by Chiara Barzini

The fat woman in jail made it a point to be well behaved. She had a routine. Every day she walked for a certain number of minutes, she read, she even learned Swedish. She did not cry or complain. Her good manners granted her the possibility of drinking, once a week, a whole keg of organic strawberry beer and packaged beef jerky. In this time off she got drunk and loud. She took her clothes off and rolled around naked from the small bed to the floor and back, waving wild strands of dry meat into the air. Just rose and fell with her pale belly flopping from one side to the other. Her breasts heavy. She screamed and cried and went crazy. Through the beer and the screams she channeled the entire experience of missing her son. Once a week she let herself go mad with absence.

PART TWO: "Bambi Sandwich"
PART THREE: "The Onions We Ate"

Food fiction by the Italian author and screen writer with artist and performer Jasmine Golestaneh of New York's Tempers

Fat Woman In Jail by Jasmine Golestaneh

Chiara Barzini is an Italian screen and fiction writer. Her essays and articles have been published or are forthcoming across The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Magazine, Interview, and Vogue. She is the author of the short story collection "Sister Stop Breathing."

Jasmine Golestaneh lives in New York City where she writes and performs music with her band Tempers, makes collages, and summons / evicts demons. Her upcoming Tempers EP "Services" will be out in May with both a collaboration and upcoming gallery show in London with Sang Bleu.